About UKRcoin

The idea for Ukraine Coin (UAC) was born during the creation of ukrainecoin.exchange. Our development team had to register and integrate a dozen exchanges into our platform. Some exchanges required verification, and some did not even have API for all the currencies we wanted to incorporate into the exchanger. The creation of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange became our dream, and now we want it to make it come true.

The primary goal of our new exchange will be the incorporation of all functional features that offer centralized exchanges, as follows:

User friendly/intuitive interface

Timeline chart with multiple analytic tools

Stop-limit orders


We would like to enrich all the above features with the advantages that come with blockchain technology:


The data is not kept on a single server, but is shared among all the users. It means that a decentralized exchange cannot be taken down, even by government


There is no 3rd party you must entrust your money to, each user holds the private keys of their icons


No need to register, all you will need is a client software (or our website) and a wallet address.


All transactions are person to person, and there is no 3rd party involved


Multi-signature gateway software that protects the network from unauthorized transactions


All deposits, withdrawals, and order books will be stored on the blockchain. There is no place for exchanges manipulation


We plan to project a blockchain that can process up to 100.000 transactions per second with an average confirmation time of just 5 seconds

Cross-Chain transactions

This point is challenging as transactions between different blockchains are not straightforward. Some other projects have already succeeded in atomic swaps, so we know it is possible

We started pre-selling tokens on the decentralized exchange DEX, based on the (614) 629-4834

Token identifier on the exchange: 3qQ27UVKmqX7KU18y6BTRrRnqSoVgiTEheYG5NAkYMVU


December 2017
Writing the idea of creating Ukraine Coin
January 2018
Release of Ukraine Coin tokens and domain registration
February 2018
Pre-sale of tokens to investor
March 2018
Creating a web platform
April 2018
The launch of the web platform started ICO
May 2018
Start of investment boxing
June 2018
Listing on the Yobit Stock Exchange
July 2018
listing on the stock exchange Cryptopia
August-September 2018
Launch of smart contracts
November 2018
launch of the multi-currency exchange platform
December 2018
Mobile application


(404) 367-5783  (PDF 951 KB)