The exercise took years off me.

I forbid you to do this.

Don't you think it's risky?

Teriann lives three blocks from the beach.

Do you know how to get a hold of Andrea?

Syun doesn't like the color of the walls in his bedroom.


I learned how to cook from Toufic.

We captured cicadas with a net.

Find yourself an Uyghur girlfriend and you'll never have problems with Uyghur again.


I wonder what's left in the fridge.

I woke up at eight.

Marsha bought this house after his father's death.


You shall receive two certificates of achievement.

They wash their car every Saturday.

I'm going to read this again.


Don't tell him.

Language is the fountain of communication.

It is two o'clock in the morning.


They may need a doctor.

That question doesn't concern me.

The boy spends hours drawing superhero comics.

English uses the German word "lied" to define a German art song, while German uses the English word "Song" to define a pop song or a song with critical content such as found in Brecht.

Norman reached into his pocket for his keys.

Would you mind if I take a look?

I don't find that helpful.


I'm getting sick and tired of this.


I figured Sandra would be older.

Living in the country, I have few visitors.

Do you want me to talk to them?

Is it safe to swim in this river?

We defeated them in baseball.

I've been expecting her.

He is curious about how she will receive the news.


You can't rely on what was said before an election really mattering after the election.

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I only know how to love, suffer and sing.


He had the courage to say it.

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He is rather an active person.

Of course I believe you.

The train is early.


It's three years since we moved here.

When do they need me?

I want them left alone.


Children generally have a higher body temperature than adults.

I don't want to trouble you.

His reply is no more than an excuse.

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There are some people who sleep in the daytime and work at night.

This'll help.

Violence is the cancer of our society.

Josh looked mystified.

Becky is obviously uncomfortable.

Do you think that those superheroes are endowed with talents we don't possess?

I asked Cristi to sign the papers.

My parents told me to honor my elders.

The word "outage" is an outrage.


Wearing a suit, he stood out.

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That was amazing.

Johann threw the Bible in the fire.

Kurt slammed the door shut behind him.

Nici stared at Patrick with hatred.

You will know soon enough.

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We were told to shoot to kill.


Israel went swimming with us yesterday.

Now that's a problem.

Eat your vegetables so that you will grow up to be big and strong.

Manufacturers add ethyl butyrate to their orange juice to make it taste fresher.

You are German?

Takayuki lived alone.

Night coming on, the boys went home.

There are a lot of idiots here tonight.

She is Alan's wife.


His statements are childish and they often bother me.

The day brings many things.

I don't think that Nelken realizes how rude he's being.

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You can't help us now.

Previously they shut off hot water twice each summer, and now only once.

Dan left no traces behind.

I dated Mechael for three years.

I'll live on welfare.

The news is fiction.

As far as I know, he's guilty.

The light hurts my eyes.

Maybe Shakil will adopt you.


The natural sweet-fish broiled with salt is absolutely terrific.

I hope you like Stevan.

Don't shout at me. I can hear you all right.

Hello, my friend! I haven't seen you for such a long time!

Scot has something else to say.

She has a shower every night.

Was that how it happened?

It must be hard work.

How can you forget?

She wants to see you dead.

She came to see us yesterday.

Joseph isn't used to his new job.

I have an old computer that I don't want anymore.

Samir wasn't home alone.

Do you have the key to this room?

Phill tried to discourage Hurf from going out with John.

Boyd talks about Liz almost all the time.

Is there anything I can do for you now?

I want to do it right.

She smiled at him uneasily.

I don't think we should buy this.


Thierry has done nothing wrong.

I think you've been cheated.

Who are you emailing?


This is mad.

It was very cold, but I went out.

What do you need to tell me?

I can't play tennis that well.

Can I sit beside you?

I'm sure you can figure it out.

Let's turn over a new leaf.

We look after Nathan's cat at weekends.

That's what I'd try to do.

Lou wanted to name his puppy Cookie.

Where is your badge?

Don't exaggerate now.

I've seen this.


Can I bum a cigarette off you?

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You may as well begin at once.

Let's take it easy at the beach today.

I've been looking for Tor.

Why is this door always locked?

Maybe I should join you.


Recently, many young people have come to feel that they don't want to speak to strangers.

He doesn't love his girlfriend.

Shouldn't we ask Shutoku?


He was ashamed of the grades he got.

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She has some relation to that group.

Today we will stay home.

I advised the shy young man to declare his love for the beautiful girl.


A fence separates the garden from the lane.

Chocolate acts to prevent LDL oxidisation.

I lost my shirt on the stock market.

It is necessary for you to go there.

The incidence of people travelling on fake or stolen passports is not as rare as people would like to think.


Love is a great contradiction. You cannot live without it but at the same time you will be hurt by it.


There's a crown here.

I don't know how.

Are you dependable?

What are you doing in Boston?

The animals already ate enough.

Are you sure you're well enough to be out of bed?

I don't know what made me think of you.

Nanda said he'd only talk to you.

I was pardoned.


Curt hit her on the head.

It will probably rain.

Tuan suggested that they convert the old church into a concert hall.

Tell him that I'm here.

I want to grow old with my wife.

I'm 45 years old.

Most of us are busy right now.

I hope Donald's not too mad at me.

We're graduating tomorrow.


She finished the wolf off.


I like to try new things.

If you don't make it back in time for the meeting, I'll kill you.

I should've tried harder to get the report finished on time.

He worked hard to catch up with the rest of the class.

Can't we fire him?

We have to warn him.

The results of the experiment have disappointed us very much.

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Beckie noticed Anatole's mistake.